2009 has been another great year in the world of cinema. I think it will remain a very special one for me personally as this is the first full year in which HeyUGuys has been running. I wish I had the time to compile a full video montage of my own that sums up 2009 but I was pleased to find I didn’t need to worry about it as Zack1Young on YouTube has done it for me.

This is an excellent video montage of every film you can think of from 2009 (or tell us what he’s missed). There’s a few in there which we in the UK haven’t had yet, most notably The Lovely Bones, Crazy Heart and Invictus but allĀ  are released early 2010 so not too long to wait.

So if you have a couple of minutes to sit and reflect on what we’ve had this year, check out the video embedded below and maybe in the comments, tell us your favourite cinematic moment in the year gone by.