AvatarCould it be that Avatar is becoming over-hyped?! Every day we seem to have some bit of news or media to look at to promote James Cameron’s latest film. The trouble with this sort of movie is that you look forward to it so much and then it completely fails to excite you when you see it at the cinema. Where as District 9 or Moon came with such a surprise attack that we absolutely loved them.

Our friends over at SlashFilm have directed us to a new video that 20th Century Fox have released via IGN. This is where I am going to need to borrow the info from the /Film guys as I’ve decided not to watch it! I don’t want to see anything else from Avatar (posters and images are fine!) until I watch it on the day that I choose (hopefully at an advanced screening or the premiere!). Enjoy!

The clip features Sam Worthington’s character Jake Sully in Avatar form, trying to escape from a Thanador, one of the violent creatures of Pandora.