If you fancy a kid friendly version of The Frightners then ParaNorman might be up your street, and there’s a new trailer in town for you to enjoy.

It’s a veritable monsterpalooza as all manner of nasties overrun a small town, with only a small boy who sees dead people (and a whole lot more) capable of uniting the disparate clichéd cliques in order to defeat the oncoming hordes. Sounds like fun as long as there’s a decent script capable of giving the dusty old genres bones a good shake.

The images we’ve seen are a good indication of decent character design and there’s a couple of nice gags in this new trailer which point to a fun ride. Let’s hope it makes good on the premise and the promise shown so far.

Eyes down for a trailer to chill your facebones.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrFmJdnMdjg’]