7. Orion


Of all the suggestions on this list, chances are that this one will be the character you’ve never heard of. A solo movie or appearance in Batman Vs. Superman/Justice League are perhaps unlikely, but Orion would be the perfect choice for a supporting role in a future Wonder Woman movie (something you have to imagine that DC are considering if Gal Gadot’s take on the Amazonian princess is well received). As a member of the Jack Kirby created New Gods, Orion has recently played a major role in Wonder Woman’s battles against the Olympian Gods and his personality would mesh perfectly with that of Johnson’s. On the other hand, an appearance in Justice League isn’t too far-fetched, especially as he’s come to blows with Darkseid on many occasions. This could open up a whole new side of the DC Cinematic Universe, potentially leading to a Guardians of the Galaxy type New Gods spin-off!