Beneath the Darkness PosterMartin Guigui’s new horror thriller Beneath the Darkness has a new poster that hints (and by ‘hints’ I mean ‘sounds the fog horn’) at the horror to come.

The trailer for the film released back in June wasn’t too promising and believing that Dennis Quaid is a sadistic serial killer with his clean-cut All American persona may seem a bit of a stretch, but never fear – the poster is here to show you what a deranged monster he can be:

With Quaid seemingly on the prowl for babies to eat (that or laxatives) and his two younger co-stars looking both fresh faced and suspicious of the clogged up lunatic respectively, all looks to be in order for a meaty and underwhelming clichéd horror offering. But hey, what is horror if not predictable. Speaking of which:

In the film, Ely Vaughn (Dennis Quaid) is a pillar of the community in tiny Smithville, Texas. The town’s mortician, Ely has been revered since his days as the high school’s star quarterback. But since the tragic death of his wife two years earlier, Ely has withdrawn from his neighbours, while local teens spread stories of supernatural goings on at Ely’s mansion—which is also the funeral home. When high school friends Travis (Tony Oller), Abby (Aimee Teegarden), Brian (Stephen Lunsford) and Danny (Devon Werkheiser) decide to check out the rumours. In doing so they stumble on a grotesque, long-hidden secret. The sadistic mortician next door will now stop at nothing to literally bury his past.

Featuring an adversary so angry he can literally bury the immaterial construct of time, it all sounds a little silly. But silly can be fun if done in the right way. Details of the film are a bit thin on the ground but judging from the stills and this poster Dennis Quaid looks to be delivering his menace with a generous side of ham. Which in what looks to be such a formulaic offering is the best you can hope for really.