At HeyUGuys we spend so much time speaking to directors and actors, but given our inclination to cover film & TV, it’s something of a rarity that we get the chance to speak to musical artists, and look at a different kind of creative process. But thanks to the release of Yoshiki: Under the Sky, we’ve had the wonderful pleasure of speaking to a hugely popular musician, the Japanese superstar Yoshiki, who has directed this concert-film style documentary, which displays a number of fascinating collaborations between himself, and talented artists from around the world.

We discuss the project, and his love for collaboration, as well as his strong kinship he feels for his fan base. He talks about getting through the pandemic, and what his future holds – as he’s set to play at the Royal Albert Hall in October. Click here for more details.

Watch the full interview with Yoshiki here:


The music documentary film YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY features the world-renowned rock star and composer leading a global concert featuring today’s top musical artists. Directed by YOSHIKI – leader of rock bands X Japan and The Last Rockstars – the project was conceived during the recent period when artists could not connect with their fans. YOSHIKI has gathered an unprecedented collection of artists for a deeply emotional journey, including a heartbreaking interaction with the husband of a terminally ill fan and a celebration of voices joined from across international borders.

YOSHIKI UNDER THE SKY will have its UK premiere in London on 11th September ahead of Yoshiki’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall 13th October