The Amazing Spider-Man

Sony continue their mission to dripfeed the entirity of their new superhero movie and today we have a new look at Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker getting his own back on a school bully, Flash Thompson no less, on the basketball court.

Garfield leads Marc Webb’s franchise reboot and stars alongside Emma Stone, Martin Sheen and Rhys Ifans who plays Dr. Lizard (not his actual name). This new clip is a fairly ordinary piece of character building, you may remember the fight by the lockers from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film in which Tobey Maguire’s Parker discovered his super speed and other abilities, but here Parker comes across as, well, a bit of a git.

And that jaunty score seems delightfully out of place too, but I have faith in Marc Webb and the team. We’re seeing it soon, let’s hope our faith is well placed.

Thanks be to the Yahoos, who had this dose of the clip.

Clip ahoy,