Modern Films has debuted 6 new stunning posters for Cathy Brady’s directorial debut and IFTA nominated film ‘Wildfire’ and we have the exclusive first look to share with you.

The film’s synopsis reads – Born within a year of each other, Lauren (Nora-Jane Noone) and Kelly (Nika McGuigan) are ‘Irish twins’. You’d never see one without the other, but over the years the mystery of their mother’s death tore them apart. Kelly, keen to escape their insular town, drifted away and disappeared a year ago. Lauren’s life has been on hold since reporting her sister missing.

Wildfire movie

Kelly’s unexpected return sees a surge of every raw emotion between the sisters. Lauren doesn’t know whether to kiss her or hit her. But as they begin to relive memories of their mother, the sister’s become inseparable. Their bond is stronger than ever and Kelly’s desire for the truth is dangerously reignited. As Kelly digs deeper, not everyone is ready. In this border town, secrets are meant to stay buried, and Lauren has been keeping the biggest one of all.

Wildfire movie

As the truth about their mother begins to surface, Kelly’s mood darkens. But Lauren is blinded, around Kelly she feels alive again, her marriage and job pale in comparison. The town is starting to notice, rumours about the girls’ strange behaviour spread like wildfire. Lauren must decide to confront their mother’s past with Kelly or risk losing her for good. Time is running out and no one can be trusted. The sisters must escape and face the truth or be consumed by the town and its lies.

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Wildfire movie

Written and directed by Cathy Brady, the film has so far received six IFTA nominations, including nominations for Best Film and Actress in a Leading Role. It received its world premiere to critical acclaim at Toronto International Film Festival in 2020.

Nora-Jane Noone (Brooklyn, The Magdalene Sisters) stars alongside Nika McGuigan(Philomena, The Secret Scripture).

Wildfire movie Wildfire movie

The film will be released theatrically in the UK and Ireland from 3 September 2021.

Watch the full trailer below.

Wildfire movie