To celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ What If…?, the new animated show that guides us deeper into the multiverse and alternative realities of the MCU, we sat down with some of the show’s creators and writers, as well as Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Wright, who narrates the show as The Watcher.

Marvel’s first animated series, What If…? imagines alternate timelines for MCU characters, including Peggy Carter taking the super-soldier serum and becoming Captain Britain, and T’Challa getting picked up by Yondu instead of Peter Quill and leading the Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more.

Head writer A.C. Bradley, producer Brad Winderbaum and director Bryan Andrews tell us all about working as part of the Marvel Family, the creative freedom of the show and being able to tell stories that no one has seen before, keeping the MCU secrets and using them to secretly toy with the audience to keep them on their toes.

Wright, meanwhile, talks to us about his excitement at joining the MCU, the deep research into the character of The Watcher – who first appeared in the 1960s -, using his closet space to record his dialogue during the pandemic and his joy at being able to play integral parts in Marvel, James Bond and The Batman, all of which he has coming up in the next year – as well as a few small nuggets about the return of Felix Leiter and his version of Jim Gordon…

You can watch the full interviews below:

What If…? starts on Disney+ on August 11th.