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We, as small screen viewers in 2016, are extremely lucky. We are currently enjoying what can only be described as a Golden Age of television: a period in which the home platform is significantly superior to its multiplex sibling.

Electrifying and riveting programming is being delivered by all major networks, across all consumer platforms; be that traditional, cable, on-demand or subscription service.

Just look at some of the ongoing shows we get to enjoy in this age: Game of Thrones, The Affair, The Walking Dead, Bloodline, Veep, Outcast, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Knick

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In fact there are so many tremendous programmes to binge on right now, that often the decision of “what to watch next?” is unbearably difficult. But luckily for you, such a decision does not have to be made for your next choice of viewing, because we’ve made it for you.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated Season 2.0 – premiering on USA Network in the United States and Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom – let us explain to you why Mr. Robot is the show you really should be watching.

Mr. Robot launches with a feature-length double episode of season 1, Thursday 21st July 9pm, Universal Channel.

If you’re caught up and can’t wait for the next season – Mr. Robot Season 2 launches on 14th July on Amazon Prime TV.

Mr. Robot

10. The Devil is in the Detail

Few programmes are as intricately designed like Mr. Robot is. From the most sensational set piece, to a singular, intimate dialogue delivery, showrunner Sam Esmail’s drama is simply brimming with audacious details.

A fine example of this is antihero and protagonist Elliot Alderson’s (Rami Malek) choice of computer operating system: Linux. The program runs a very particular interface, with much of the code written in virtual language ‘C’.

In the spectacular pilot episode, Elliot makes it apparent through a minor chit-chat exchange that he favours Linux to fellow systems. From this moment onwards, whenever we see him in front of a monitor (which is often..), he is writing and developing code under a Linux system.

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