2008 saw the release of Wilson Yip’s Ip Man, the semi-true story of  Ip Man (or Yip Man) who was a master of the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun and who famously taught Bruce Lee.

The first film was incredibly enjoyable and it was wonderful to see Donnie Yen in some awesome action scenes.

Apparently Ip Man was conceived by Wilson Yip to be the first in a trilogy and the second film is released this week in Hong Kong. Donnie Yen returns in the title role and is joined by equally legendary martial arts star Sammo Hung.

You can check out a ten minute preview of the Ip Man sequel embedded below. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles but there is a lot of action to feast your eyes on.

Synopsis: After relocating to Hong Kong, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) chooses to open up a Wing Chun school. However, it isn’t long before his peaceful lifestyle is interupted by the challenges of a local Hung Fist master named Hung Jan-nam (Sammo Hung). Meanwhile, the British who occupy the territory are displeased about the presence of his school and hire a handful of fighters to try and chase him out of the country.

Source:  Twitch.