Warner Bros. has picked up a new spec script, The Imitation Game, written by Graham Moore, for what has to be one of the most promising projects I’ve read about recently.

The reason behind their acquisition of the script, Collider report, is that it already has two major talents interested in boarding the project in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ron Howard.

The Imitation Game follows the life of genius British computer scientist and mathematician, Alan Turing, the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, whose work ultimately led to the creation of the computers we use today. And his life can be desribed as,

“absurdly suited for the cinematic ups and downs of a biopic. Turing was integral in the development of the modern computer, and a key codebreaker for the British during World War II.  And the downs: Turing was criminally prosecuted for his homosexuality, elected chemical castration over prison, and finally ended his tormented life with a cyanide apple.”

Though neither DiCaprio nor Howard have officially signed on, the prospect of both taking on this project is almost too good to be true, and I sincerely hope that they’ll be able to work out filming to fit into both of their busy schedules. It would be incredibly interesting to see DiCaprio taking on the life of this British man, the actor clearly no stranger to the biopic, having starred in the excellent Catch Me If You Can and the highly anticipated forthcoming J. Edgar.

The project too seems the perfect fit for director Howard, whose last film about a mathematician genius won him two Oscars for A Beautiful Mind back in 2002. I rewatched the film for the first time in a few years just a few days ago, and was reminded again of how brilliant a director Howard is, and a return to the biopic for him, too, would be very much welcomed.

It is of course still early days on the project, having only just been picked up by Warner Bros., but let’s hope that they’ll want to move forward with The Imitation Game as soon as possible, because it sounds like it has so much potential to be great. And the teaming up of DiCaprio and Howard would be brilliant. More news as we get it.