Never one to be shy about sharing information from his forthcoming projects, Vin Diesel recently took to his Facebook page to give fans a glimpse at a new piece of concept art from the proposed third Riddick movie. In doing so, he also reiterated that the film – if and when it finally gets made – will eschew the more commercial feel of 2004’s underwhelming Chronicles of Riddick and instead aim for an ‘R’ rating like Pitch Black, the much lower-budget first film in the series.

The film, currently know simply as Riddick, is being independently financed, which bodes well for something more in the vein of Pitch Black. This latest image, which shows Riddick fighting off a horde of fearsome-looking alien creatures would seem to support that back to basics approach, and with over 40,000 likes on Diesel’s Facebook page it seems like third time might very well be a charm for the actor’s antihero alter-ego.


(via Facebook)