Vancouver, Canada – On her way home from a business trip, Margot (two-time Academy Award-nominee Michelle Williams) meets a handsome stranger (Luke Kirby) whom she shares an intense and immediate attraction. When she discovers they are actually neighbours, Margot can’t let go of their initial chemistry and is forced to confront uncertainties about marriage, and about herself.

The second feature film by Canadian director, Sarah Polley, Take this Waltz, is a bittersweet story about a married woman struggling to choose between the long comfortable relationship with her husband (Seth Rogen) and the handsome stranger, who represents something shiny and new.

Sarah Silverman plays her sister-in-law and is the only one who seems to notice this new man in Margot’s life but initially doesn’t confront her about it.

Margot is at a point in her life where she finds a gap and fills it with the possibility of a new relationship, the close proximity of Daniel makes it convenient as well. As the hot Toronto summer goes on, Daniel and Margot embark on their physically restrained yet highly eroticized relationship. In an attempt to remain faithful to her husband Margot retreats after each encounter, but seems to always come back.

The first feature since Away from Her (VIFF 06), Polley looks at long term relationships in a different way and how they relate to life’s big questions and images of ourselves. The film features a beautiful performance by Michelle Williams. Seth Rogen who plays the cookbook author husband, provides the comic relief but also delves into more of a dramatic role, that was somewhat convincing.

A funny and moving story, with solid performances by the cast, Take This Waltz is a beautifully done film by talented director Sarah Polley that was the Canadian Images Opening Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival.