The work done by the Soundworks Collection to illuminate the architecture of the sound of the modern blockbuster is always something special, even when I have no interest in the film (Transformers: Arse of the Moon is a recent example) I’ll always make time to watch the short videos Michael Coleman and his team produce.

So it was with a sense of eagerness I clicked on their latest video this morning to see how Joss Whedon and his team, in this case Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer Christopher Boyes, created the aural pleasure of the film which has made more money than any other in its opening weekend.

It’s all great stuff, and there’s a little bit of behind the scenes footage as is per usual, but the conversation really takes a turn when Boyes talks about creating the sound of The Hulk with Whedon wanting to tone down the animalistic nature to what he had already created for the character.

Here’s the link, make sure you bookmark the site too.