This morning, John Lasseter was on BBC Breakfast ahead of the Friday release of his latest movie, Cars 2 which hits UK cinemas this Friday (our review here). Right at the end of the interview, the presenters asked him outright about Toy Story 4 putting Disney Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer completely on the spot.

From what Tom Hanks said earlier in the year about the potential fourth movie being in development, it seems a dead cert that we’re going to get another installment but Lasseter’s reaction is brilliant. Have a watch of the video below and see for yourselves.

The dialogue went something like this:

  • Presenter: Tom Hanks was on the breakfast sofa recently and talked about Toy Story 4
  • John Lasseter (With a slight awkward pause!) Yeah, I found that very interesting too! It was really interesting!
  • Presenter: Is he making Toy Story 4 without you?!
  • Lasseter: He’s errr…. We haven’t announced anything so…
  • Presenter: Would you like to?!……
  • Lasseter: No, no, (dodges question hugely) wait Cars 2 is SUCH a good movie…..

Sorry about the slightly out of sync audio on the vid. Enjoy!