Never heard of it? Until tonight I hadn’t either, but thanks to the intrepid eye of the Metafilter Collective this gem was revealed and I wanted to share it with you all, knowing that some of you will enjoy the eerie aesthetic, with its nebulous nostalgia and ever so creepy visual style.

The film maker is Panos Cosmatos and his film Beyond the Black Rainbow will premiere at the Whistler Film Festival 2010 and there’s a very intriguing trailer with a suitably haunting electronic score which you can enjoy below.

The DogHouse Films website has this little synopsis, which gives virtually nothing away, instead it concentrates on evoking a feeling – one I can totally relate to it. Here it is,

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, Beyond The Black Rainbow is a Reagan era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons.

Featuring an original analog synthesizer score by Black Mountain’s Jeremy Schmidt.

Cinema-Suicide has more plotworthy news,

Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl (Eva Allan) is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind controlled by a sinister technology. Silently, she waits for her next session with deranged therapist Dr. Barry Nyle (Michael Rogers). If she hopes to escape, she must journey through the darkest reaches of The Institute… but Nyle wonʼt easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation.

Here’s the trailer, it’s a full screen, lights off, sound up type of deal –

And here’s the excellent poster,

Like what you see? Want to know more? Here’s the director’s Twitter, and you really must check out his beautifully designed retro computer inspired website here.