Assassination Games - Scott Adkins & Jean Claude Van DammeIt’s been 10 years since the King of Kicking Ass has been in cinemas across the pond, so it’s a welcome return for Jean Claude van Damme in Ernie Barbarash’s ‘Assassination Games’; as the Belgian looks to kick seven shades out of some punk ass Drug Cartels.  That’s right…those pesky Drug Cartels are at it again.

Starring alongside Scott Adkins (Bourne Ultimatum, Wolverine) JCVD is ‘Brazil’, a contract killer with more than a powerful urge to grit his teeth and star angrily into the distance.  As he quite simply puts it in the trailer below; “I’m a weapon…I don’t choose where I point it”.  So when he must team up with his rival Roland Flint to defeat a dodgy Drug Cartel, you know two things are certain to happen – 1) Stuff is gonna blow up; and 2) People are gonna jump sideways in slow motion with a gun.

There’s currently no cinema release date for ‘Assassination Games’ in the UK, but if it’s going to be the success that we think it is, you’ll be sure to see it on the DVD shelves in the not too distant future.  Check out the trailer below and revel in the beauty of a line that is – “If I overreact…you’d be dead“.

Long live roundhouse kicking.  Long live Jean Claude Van Damme.  Amen.

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