Truu+ has launched a new trailer for the upcoming poignant documentary ‘Unstoppable.’

The doc uncovers how the life of a successful entrepreneur (Ellen Murray), whose life was
on the up, rapidly declined following a disturbing battle with a chronic fatigue
illness amidst a global pandemic.

Following Ellen on her healing journey and how she is now using her past experiences, to help coach others on how to overcome life struggles on a journey to become unstoppable!

Ellen Murray suspected her illness which consisted of ‘swollen glands’, ‘fatigue’
and ‘ulcers’ were something more serious during the height of the pandemic in
Spring 2020. Ellen’s ulcers left Ellen ‘unable to eat’ and ‘struggling to speak’
which contributed to Ellen being bedridden and extremely exhausted which
had a massive impact on the operation of her business’ – forcing them to close
in 2020.

Ellen said ‘people don’t see the reality of it’ when talking about her battle with
CFS. Sam commented ‘This documentary will show people that reality’. The
documentary is described as being a highly captivating story, emotional –
however very powerful and motivating.

Starring Ellen Murray, the documentary is directed and produced by Sam Evans (SamEvansVisuals Productions).

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The doc will release on June 24 on YouTube.