Our friends at Digital Spy have this brand new UK Quad poster for Monsters, the first feature from Britain’s answer to Neill Blomkamp, Gareth Edwards

Made on the kind of budget which would probably pay an extra’s wages for the day on something like Terminator Salvation, the film is set for release in the UK on November 12.

Edwards is part of a new wave of directors (we reported on another last week) who subscribe to the multitasking, cost-effective style of filmmaking – a method which looks increasingly appealing to studios and production companies in the current economic climate. Prior to this feature, Edwards also did some impressive work for the BBC, creating epic battle scenes with a cast of thousands, all done via his home computer.

The graphics on this poster immediately bring to mind the imagery used to market District 9, and by all accounts, Monsters shares a similar sci-fi meets social commentary angle to that film, in it’s tale of a journalist escorting an American tourist through an infected Mexico landscape to the safety of the US border.

I look forward to seeing this guy’s work on the big screen in November.