A few months ago, Philips embarked on a new idea that they called Parallel Lines. Philips teamed together with Ridley Scott Associates to create five different short movies around the same line of dialogue. One of the movies was directed by Johnny Hardstaff who created Darkroom, which I’ve embedded below for you to check out.


Along with the whole scheme, Philips sent out different boxes to different websites across the world which coincided with one of the five films. The box I received was for Darkroom and contained:

  • 5 images
  • A rope
  • A single large coin
  • A string of 5 coins
  • A bullet casing
  • An oriental bottle
  • A buddha
  • A ticket with the date 08-04-10: Format 21:9
  • A unicorn tattoo image like the one on the woman’s leg in one of the images we received

Once you watch the video, it will make much more sense and you can view more images from the box I was sent here. Philips have given us the last piece of the puzzle today where we get to go behind the scenes of the making of Darkroom. I’ve also played below the footage that i took at the launch party of the Parallel Lines project. It has a more in depth Q&A session with Johnny Hardstaff. I’ve embedded the behind the scenes below. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Johnny Hardstaff Q&A

The Making of Darkroom