Tomorrow evening, Jon and I will be attending a rather special event at BAFTA HQ in London. The event is called the Philips Parallel Lines Project. The project is working together with RSA (Ridley Scott Associates) to produce 5 short films which have one unifying theme.

Synopsis: Philips selected a single unifying theme and challenged RSA’s (Ridley Scott Associates – Founded by Sir Ridley Scott) directors to create a cutting-edge short film in a genre of their choice to showcase the cinematic capabilities of Philips TVs. More than 45 submissions were received and five were selected to be produced in genres ranging from drama, action, animation, sci-fi to thriller. The chosen film directors are Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott and Hi-Sim.

To celebrate the premiere on 8th April, the homepage of YouTube will feature the first ever media player in cinematic 21:9 format featuring scenes from the ‘Parallel Lines’ trailer. This will lead to a dedicated Philips Cinema YouTube channel where the films can be watched on Philips unique ‘Ambiplayer’. It will be the first time a 21:9 cinematic format media player has ever been used on YouTube.

To find out more about the project, head here or watch the video below.

This morning, I received a rather intriguing box from the PR company who are looking after this project. In the box was a note from Sir Ridley Scott and a note from the PR company addressed to me with the following text:

The five shorts of Parallel Lines are completely different, but they all share the same single dialogue. Until they’re released on 8th April, the words of the dialogue are being kept secret.

Within this pack are some exclusive items relating to one of the five Parallel Lines shorts, including a clue to one of the lines of dialogue.

So, below you’ll see some photos that I’ve taken of the items which includes:

  • 5 images
  • A rope
  • A single large coin
  • A string of 5 coins
  • A bullet casing
  • An oriental bottle
  • A buddha
  • A ticket with the date 08-04-10: Format 21:9
  • A unicorn tattoo image like the one on the woman’s leg in one of the images we received

Have a look at the clues and see if you can work out what the lines of dialogue could be….. The guys at Front Row Reviews also received a box which gives clues to another of the shorts. Check it out here.