Two new, colourful posters for The Muppets, which doesn’t mosey into UK cinemas until next year so these will have to do for now.

Amy Adams and Jason Segel looked pleased as Punch to be sharing the stage with our favourite furry friends and who wouldn’t be? The Muppets are so well regarded despite the relative lack of quality of recent DVD and TV outings and there’s no film I’m looking forward to quite as much as this oneĀ  in the next six months or so.

Lighting the lights this time are director James Bobin and writers Nicholas Stoller and the man Segel and we’re promised music, laughs, celebrity cameos, Animal in an Anger Management clinic and all sorts of Muppet antics. The words ‘can’, ‘not’ and ‘wait’ have rarely been used with such urgency.

Here they are, remember to click to embiggen them,


Time to get sourcey: Collider and Fandango.