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There is an entirely illogical and unacceptable notion that Kristen Stewart “can’t act”. It is an opinion shared by many naysayers who have blindly judged her abilities as a performer based solely upon the popular teen titles The Twilight Saga.

Now whether you love or loathe the Twilight pictures – this author is happy to call himself a ‘fan’ – it is most ill to presume that an actor or actress is unable to develop their careers and skill-sets outside of a franchise. Co-star Robert Pattinson has blossomed into a fine talent and has worked with a plethora of top directors, as has Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe.

Since leaving her days as the emotionally conflicted Bella Swan behind her, Stewart has rendered a quite frankly remarkable filmography; laden with complex and captivating characters, photographed by some of the globe’s most celebrated auteurs.

Ahead of legendary writer-director Woody Allen’s 47th feature film (yes, forty-seventh…) Café Society, in which she stars alongside regular Jesse Eisenberg, as well as Blake Lively, Steve Carell, Parker Posey and Corey Stoll, we felt it was time to reflect on her very best work, and prove to doubters that she really is one of our era’s most exciting young talents.

American Ultra

6. American Ultra (2015)

Anarchic, explosive and largely unexpected, Nima Nourizadeh’s hire-wire action-comedy is a hilarious and thunderous romp. American Ultra is one of Stewart’s three collaborations with Jesse Eisenberg, and is undoubtedly the most R-rated of them all thanks to thrashing, venomous dialogue and a constant showering of blood.

Here our actress plays Phoebe, longtime girlfriend to stoner and store-clerk Mike (Eisenberg), who just happens to be a CIA sleeper agent and the sole survivor of the ‘Ultra Program’. Fizzing with infectious chemistry and really showing their dedication to the film’s muscularity, the duo serve up fantastic performances in a truly chaotic film, but it’s Stewart who levels the madness with deserved shades of humanity.

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