true bloodThose of you who haven’t jumped on the True Blood bus before now are in for a treat. The HBO series has finished its second series in the US and the first series has  just begun its terrestrial run on Channel 4 last night, and if you didn’t catch it I’d highly recommend checking it out here – you’ll be hooked.

Based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris the series has taken the vampire mythology and applied a World War Z take on it, rewriting recent history to allow vampires to move out of the shadows to live alongside the mortals of the world, surviving on the synthetic TruBlood.

This is Six Feet Under‘s Alan Ball’s latest TV venture and it has had an incredible run in the US so far. It’s sassy, knowing, filled with religious and racial undertones, it has great characters and a blood pumping sense of mystery and momentum; it’s also filled with 18 rated language and scenes – this is Buffy with the emphasis on Buff.true blood anna pauqin

It’s exactly the type of TV series that becomes an obsession and you’ll be chewing the furniture until the next week comes around. It’s the type of series that can be devoured when it hits on DVD and Blu-ray on the 26th of October. I’ve listed the special features below, and the set contains the 12 hour long episodes. I hope to have a review of the Bu-ray set up soon as True Blood has a magnetic visual style that is sure to dazzle in hi def.

Take my advice – catch this series the first chance you get – I saw the first episode last night and it’s got its teeth in me already. If you need more convincing, check out the trailer:

True_Blood_Blu-raySpecial Features:

The DVD is packed with special features including Audio commentary with Alan Ball, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The Blu-Ray contains even more bonus material including enhanced viewing, episodic recaps and previews.


Audio Commentary with Anna Paquin and Scott Winant (Director)
Audio Commentary with Brian Buckner (Writer) and Michael Lehmann (Director)
Audio Commentary with Stephen Moyer and Dan Minahan (Director)
Audio Commentary with Marcos Siega (Director)
Audio Commentary with Nancy Oliver (Writer)

As on the DVD plus
Enhanced Viewing Mode ““ BD-J Feature including PiP, text-based facts and maps
Season Index
Episodic Previews
Episodic Recaps