This rather fun looking indie comedy had its poster displayed on this site a few days ago, and with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Daniels joined by Emma Stone and Lisa Kudrow Paper Man, which is out in the US in a few weeks, could be a fun movie to divert your attention.

Now Rope of Silicon have the trailer, which I’ve embedded below, and it’s good to see the imaginary friend device used in an interesting way. Reynolds doesn’t mind sending himself up (and giving his superhero kudos a friendly dig) as the marvelously named Captain Excellent, and I got Eternal Sunshine vibe from the trailer below which can only be a good thing.

Kieran and Michele Mulroney wrote and directed the film, and Paper Man’s premise concerns a struggling author seeking his muse, helped along by his imaginary friend, the aforementioned Captain Excellent, only to find that Abby (the muse) has an imaginary friend of her own.

Have a watch of the trailer, and hope that the film reaches these shores before too long.