The chaps over at Disney Pixar aren’t usually content with creating one masterpiece when they create a new feature length movie, they insist on creating a ‘short’ before each one. In the case of Up, Partly Clowdy which was directed by Peter Sohn.

Today, have released that the Short placed before Toy Story 3 will be called Day & Night and is directed by Teddy Newton. My personal favourite short was called Lifted and was placed before Ratatouille. I’ve just had a little look and although I can’t embed it, you can head over here to view it.It was so good that it won the best animation short at the Oscars in 2007. You can see the full list of Pixar’s shorts on wikipedia here.

Day and Night Synopsis: When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first, and quickly get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other’s unique qualities–and come to realize that each of them offers a different window onto the same world–the friendship helps both to gain a new perspective.

Toy Story 3 is released 23rd July.

  • What the Heck

    It's homosexual Propaganda!

    “You would have to be pretty na├»ve to not identify the attempt to indoctrinate the viewer with a “more open and accepting view” of sexual experimentation, namely homosexuality as was artistically illustrated by the two male characters sharing a bewildering rainbow-in-the-crotch experience. The concern we should have is WHY we would trust them to indoctrinate our Youth with social, sexual, or political messages of any kind. Remember when stories had “Morals” and not “Immorals”?

    Additionally strange is the exaltation of Wayne Dyers quote. That guy is a moron and a fraud, and why it would be chosen for inclusion in a children's animation must make perfect sense to only fools. Unless of course, it was chosen to once again punctuate the blatant cry for acceptance of other peoples' unorthodox sexual orientation. Creatively, this animated short was clever until Teddy Newton added his own dissolute agenda. “

    (Sorry “Don't Apologize” I am using your quotes cause you say it so well!)

  • Caged Horse

    What the Heck, there were gays in Egypt in the days when the pyramids were built, there were gays in ancient China and there were gays throughout the glories of classical Greece and Rome. There were gays even in Afghanistan under the Taliban (where homosexuality was punishable by painful death) and there are gays in the U.S. Army currently fighting there in the name of freedom — the same freedoms American gays enjoy, however “unorthodox” you may think gays are, thanks to the Constitution in general and the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v Texas ruling in particular. The same Supreme Court which ruled in 1952 that movies were covered by the First Amendment. Do you consider those judgments to be “gay propaganda” as well?

    I fear for the stability of your worldview, not to mention the psychosexual health of your offspring, if either can be so shaken by the sight of 2 cartoon Smurfs engaged in slapstick!