Michael Jackson may have shuffled off this mortal coil more than a year ago, but interest in him and his music is still very much alive.

GK Films are currently in negotiations for the rights to his hit song Thriller, which they plan to weave into a feature length narrative. Little is known about the actually story as yet, but the film is budgeted at around m, and it’s being written by The Hangover scribe Jeremy Garelick

Kenny Ortega (who directed the singer’s documentary film This Is It) is attached to this one, so there is some continuity here in regards to the keeping it within the Michael Jackson brand, but it seems like a tall order for audiences to get behind a film like this when the hugely iconic John Landis-directed promo is such a well known part of pop culture.

Who knows, maybe the makers are intending on taking the film in an entirely different direction to that of the music video. Whatever the plans, they certainly have their work cut out.

As reported by Deadline.