We all knew this day was coming – with the horror reserves dwindling as the latest batch of remakes wind their way into production, Stealth Media Group have given up on name recognition all together.

According to ScreenDaily, the distribution company will be giving 1970’s cult-classic Kingdom of the Spiders the 3D remake treatment, with producing duties falling to Nuala Barton and Rene Sheridan.

“We are delighted to be working with Stealth Media’s Jason Piette, Sean O’Kelly and Michael Cowan to bring this cult classic back to larger than life, in 3D.”

The original – notable for starring one William Shatner – followed a small town as it became overrun by spiders.

Spider movies have had varied success in cinema with 1990’s Arachnophobia pushing customers up onto their chairs and Eight Legged Freaks having them question what they were doing up their in the first place. In 3D, however, I have no doubt that Kingdom of the Spiders will have audiences squirming again.

And you never know, maybe Shatner – who missed out on a role in last year’s Star Trek reboot – might get to cameo in something after all.