Walter Hill (of The Warriors, 48 Hours and Last Man Standing fame) is set to direct “Headshot”, a film about a New Orleans cop who reluctantly teams up with a hit man to take on the perpetrator(s) of two vicious murders. Stallone is said to have been cast as the hit man, with generally nice-as-pie-but-quite-good-in-action-roles Thomas Jane will play the cop.

Jane recently mentioned the project while discussing other matters with US film site and the rep for Alessandro Camon (who has a good catalogue of producer credits but relatively few as writer) confirmed it was going ahead. Camon is said to be continuing to work alongside Hill in the development of the script as they move towards production. Shooting should start towards the end of this year, with Jane telling (regarding his character and that of Stallone):-

“He’s a hitman, I’m a cop, and we’re just opposite in every f*cking way, and we need each other to get this job done. And of course I’m like, ‘As soon as this job’s over, I’m going to take you to jail, you know, you’re a killer.'”

All concerned have got plenty of quality in their resumés, so as long as this can add up to at least the sum of its parts, we should be fine. Problematic as it was in many other respects, The Punisher was undoubtedly elevated by the injection of Jane’s straightforward, everyman humanity, which he also deftly demonstrated before and after for Deep Blue See and The Mist.

For the moment, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for this one. More as we get it.

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