As the summer season approaches, the TNT network in the US is providing a taster of what’s to come. One of its main attractions is the alien invasion show Falling Skies, from an executive producer who knows a thing or two about that world, Steven Spielberg.

The clip (available on the TNT site) offers a nice and economical introduction, by setting up a backstory via a child’s innocent point of view. Like the recent TV adaptation of The Walking Dead, it will be fun to see another genre piece being given time to breathe and play out at a more leisurely pace.

It certainly looks grittier than the recent reinvent of famed alien domination series V, and these intergalactic critters share more of a resemblance to Spielberg’s 2005 invasion feature War of the Worlds, than his cuddly, homesick phone-hogging 80’s space creature.

A decent cast (including ER veteran Noah Wyle and sturdy supporting player Will Patton) should help engage audiences with this world. Enjoy.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the ET heads-up