Paolo Sorrentino’s film This Must Be the Place played at Cannes earlier this year and now there’s a trailer to give us an idea of what possessed Sean Penn to go goth and wig up.

Twitch have dug out the French (subtitled) trailer (via The Playlist) and if you were in any doubt how you’d play a haunted, aging Goth rocker on a quest to connect to his dead father via a Nazi war criminal then look no further. The soundtrack is spot on, Penn looks suitably Ozzy-like but buried within these brief minutes looks to be a whole lot of heart and Sorrentino’s eye for a dramatic shot is well in evidence here.

Co-stars Judd Hirsch and Frances McDormand make an appearance in the trailer and despite my subconscious telling me that this is all some strange live action movie of Terrahawks (and Penn’s rocker is actually Zelda) I’m really looking forward to this one.

Early 2012 is all the UK release date we have so far.

Here’s your trailer – stick with it, well worth the slow build.