This is Christmas

This is Christmas is a film that, in the wrong hands, could be a little too over-sentimental. It treads the line, but thanks to sincere and just really bloody nice people who have made it, it works, making this a great festive feature to indulge in. Well, this is what we gathered anyway when speaking to the affable duo of Alfred Enoch and Kaya Scodelario, as we discuss with the pair – famed of course for their roles in the likes Harry Potter and Skins, respectively, the value of being a good person, and how this can benefit a film set.

Through this we speak about director Chris Foggin, we delve into their current musical choices (who isn’t this time of year when Spotify shame us all) – and they talk about the notion that strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet, and what it’s really like to ride a train as a celebrity.

Watch the full interview with Kaya Scodelario & Alfred Enoch here:


Rom-com set in London during the Christmas season, following Adam and Emma on their daily commute from the village of Langton to London, where they meet the same passengers every day.

THIS IS CHRISTMAS is on Sky Cinema and streaming service NOW from 9 December