All-Stars-Quad-PosterSometimes when you walk into a room to interview the talent from a movie, you feel underdressed somewhat, or at times, even rather uncool. Well, never has that feeling felt so prominent, upon walking in to interview the lead roles of Ben Gregor’s All Stars Theo Stevenson and Akai Osei-Mansfield, who with their suave hair do’s and trendy outfits, made me feel, well, a little bit old.

The pair – who play Ethan and Jade, respectively, were in fine spirits as their chemistry from within the film was as evident in real life, and the two teenagers discussed their close friendship. They also talk about balancing their acting careers with their schoolwork, and Akai – famed for his dancing ability – talks about his role in the film, while Theo also delves into his own dancing talents.

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