SECTOR 9 FILMS has released a trailer for the action-thriller, self-made ‘The Takedown’, a film made on a simple budget of £5000.

The film’s synopsis reads:

When the daughter of the Justice Secretary is kidnapped on the eve of the signing of an international agreement on anti-smuggling, the police suspect a link with a known cartel. Officer Will Fielding has spent months infiltrating the group, but with a life on the line, he must now seek help to rescue the hostage and take down the cartel before it’s too late.

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Directed by Steven Illsley, the film was conceived as a fun project for a group of friends based in Nottingham. The challenge, to make a self-funded film for £5,000.

The film stars Matthew Ambrose, Steven Illsley, Iain Palmer, Matt Buck, Mark Duncan, Sam Tombs, Sarah Kelly, David Stewart and Ben McKellar.

As well as writing, directing and producing the film, the team at SECTOR 9 FILMS were the actors, make-up artists, set dressers, location scouts, special effects coordinators, stuntmen, camera operators, sound technicians and film editors who made this film come to life.

The movie launches on YouTube Live on Saturday 2nd May 2020 (9pm GMT)