It tends to be pretty quiet on Sundays, so i thought i’d give your movie geek credentials a quick test. Just a brief quiz (‘cos i’m naturally lazy), there’s no prize, and the difficulty level is fairly random.

30 quotes, 30 films to name. Feel free to shout out answers in the comments, i’ll post the answers tomorrow. And remember – if you use google, you’re just cheating yourself!

1. A plan is just a list of things that don’t happen.

2. An ice-cream truck, an ice-cream truck. You know, they’ve got to get there before it melts.

3. Rob…Rob…Rob…Rob…

4. It’s fried rice, you plick

5. I’m Toby N Tucker, that’s TNT, and when i go off, somebody gets hurt.

6. You were supposed to serve six warrants, instead you went out and you went on a rampage.

7. You kidnapped me with a candy bar?

8. Please don’t shoot at the thermo-nuclear weapons!

9. Here it is Parkman, old number one, the Terminator. If you get a piece of it, you can re-name it.

10. If they move, kill ’em.

11. This Bellini is starting to look a lot like a Kaputchnik.

12. There’s no crying in baseball!

13. I am looking for a man that calls himself Bucho, that is all. But you had to do it the hard way.

14 Neither does he. He looks Chinese.

15 There’s nothing funny about a dickless moron with a battery shoved up his ass.

16 I am Godzilla, you are Japan … Your reputation far exceeds your skills mammy rammer!

17 And then nothing. If you live another day i’ll be very impressed.

18 Both keys at the same time? Whoa!

19 Thor’s a homo.

20 Jinx put Max in space.

21 You want to pull over and be blessed by a black priest in a red ferrari?

22 Whoa.

23 Whoa!

24 Whoa!!

25 I’ll be back! Ha, you did’nt know i was gonna say that, did you?

26 If you wanted to scare the kid, you could have just pulled a gun on him, you know?

27 On any other day that might seem strange.

28 You’re a big man, but you’re in a bad shape.

29 I’m a Dapper Dan man.

30 If i shave off a nipple do you think it’ll be covered by workmans comp?