quizHere are the answers to yesterday’s weekly Sunday Movie Quiz. If you missed the quiz yesterday, go here and give it a try before you look at the answers. Hope you had fun, and will come back for another quiz next Sunday.




Movie Quotes ““ Name the films

1 I’ll probably piss blood tonight – The Usual Suspects

2 Dodson! Dodson! We got Dodson here! Nobody cares. – Jurassic Park

3 You get the series 4 de-atomizer and I get the midget cricket? – Men in Black

4 They sucked out his brain – Starship Troopers

5 You have twenty seconds to comply – Robocop

6 Could you please repeat the destination? – Total Recall

7 Put me back in, put me back in! – Look Who’s Talking

8 I’m your worst nightmare, an eight year old with a badge – Cop and a Half

9 Ohh, you would’nt be interested in that – Batman Begins

10 I have a bad feeling about this – Star Wars. Pick one.


Working Titles ““ Some working titles are invented for secrecy, which films do these belong to?

1 Blue Harvest – Return of the Jedi

2 Rory’s First Kiss – Dark Knight

3 Paradox – Back to the Future II

4 Planet Ice – Titanic

5 Prime Directive – Transformers


Tag Lines ““ Which movies do these tag lines belong to?

1 Does for Rock and Roll what the Sound of Music did for hills – Spinal Tap

2 You won’t believe your eye – Monsters Inc

3 Earth. It was fun while it lasted – Armageddon

4 The true story of a real fake – Catch Me if You Can

5 This is the weekend they didn’t play golf  – Deliverance


The Numbers Game ““ Pick a number, any number

1 In minutes, how long was the theatrical cut of Pulp Fiction? ““  154

2 How many movies has Christopher McQuarrie directed ““ 1

3 How many screens did Donnie Darko play on for it’s US theatrical run ““ 58

4 How many feature length movies has Christopher Nolan directed (excl. Inception ““ 6

5 How much did The Shawshank Redemption gross during it’s original US run ““ $28M


This Week’s News ““ How much attention have you been paying to the HUG news feed?

1 Which much loved British actor passed away this week? – Edward Woodward

2 Nine helmer Rob Marshall was named as director for which epic sequel? – Pirates of the Caribbean 4

3 Which singer/actress will be playing Winnie Mandela? ““ Jennifer Hudson

4 Which heinous actor will be playing an 18th century samurai warrior in 47 Ronin? ““ Keanu Reeves

5 Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B is working to bring which video game to the big screen? ““ Dark Void

Good Luck!


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