Mel Gibson’s sequel to 2004’s The Passion of the Christ, The Ressurection, could be now be moving along with actor Jim Caviezel, reprising his role as Jesus.

During an interview with USA Today Caviezel, although not giving away to much as to the plot, hinted that the follow-up would be the “biggest film in history” and “will shock the audience”.

There are things that I cannot say that will shock the audience,” “It’s great. Stay tuned.” He added, “the film he’s [Gibson] going to do is going to be the biggest film in history. It’s that good.”

He went on to state that it’s taken a long time for Gibson to get the film right.

Braveheart, that’s a film that took a long time to be able to crack, The same thing for ‘Passion.’ And the same thing for this. He’s finally got it. So that is coming“.

Mel Gibson will direct from a script by Braveheart’s Randall Wallace. The film is said to pick up three days after the original and focus on the resurrection of Jesus.

Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ drew controversy at the time amid antisemitism claims. The film primarily covers the final twelve hours of Jesus’ life, beginning with the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, the insomnia and grievance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the brutal scourge and crucifixion, ending with a brief depiction of his resurrection. It was shot in Italy, and the dialogue is entirely in reconstructed Aramaic, Vernacular Hebrew, and Latin.