The Interview doesn’t have a UK release date, but it’s still fair to call it 2014’s most controversial movie!

It’s still not clear whether it was the North Koreans, a group of Chinese hackers, or a disgruntled ex-employee who leaked thousands of Sony Pictures emails online, but the reason for that was blamed on The Interview. Things took a serious turn of course when its release was cancelled following threats of violence.

Even so, The Interview ended up being released in America via VOD on Christmas Eve and in a number of select cinemas the following day. Sony will still lose money, but the movie did great business in the small number of screenings, sold well online, and is, uh, one of 2014’s most pirated releases (not such good news).

Despite all of that, a red-band trailer for The Interview has now been released which reminds everyone just how outrageously funny the movie – which stars Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Lizzy Caplan – really is.

You have to imagine that Sony will try to recoup at least some of their losses with an international release, so be sure to stay tuned to HeyUGuys for an update on that. For now, enjoy the trailer in the player below.