Alex Pettyfer’s recent dismissive and derogatory comments about the town which keeps him in employment appear not to have had a negative effect on his career. The I Am Number Four star with not one, but two high-profile projects in the works.

First up is the lead in Steven Soderbergh’s (thought he was retiring?) comedy drama about a young, struggling actor who moonlights as a stripper to make ends meet, whilst he pursues his career (based on the real-life exploits of co-star Channing Tatum no less!).

He’s also being lined-up to appear alongside Matthew Goode (Watchmen) in action adventure Overdrive, where the two will play brothers who specialise in thieving cars, and embark on a mission which takes them to the South of France. With scripting duties by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (Wanted, 3-10 to Yuma), the film will be produced by Taken helmer, Pierre Morel

In light of that now infamous interview with VMAN (where amongst other industry disses and tawdry personal details, he remarks that Hollywood is a “shit-hole”), Pettyfer seems impervious to the effects of self-induced career suicide, which would suggest that in the land of showbiz you can’t keep a good ego down, regardless to how grotesque it presents itself.

News via The Hollywood Reporter and Collider