It’s been a strong old year for the documentary, with superb offerings such as Marley, Searching for Sugarman and Undefeated hitting our screens over the past few months – and now The Imposter – arguably the very best yet – is set for release this Friday 24.

To celebrate the release of this harrowing feature film, we caught up with director Bart Layton and private investigator Charlie Parker – the latter an actual detective who worked on the very case this film is based upon. ┬áThe Imposter follows the story of Frederic Bourdin, a French adult who, in the mid-1990’s, posed as a teenage American boy named Nicholas Barclay, who has gone missing three years previous. Living with the missing child’s family, we witness the story of one of the most remarkable conmen to have ever lived.

Layton and Parker discuss the magnitude of this haunting story, and how it’s a tale that still surprises them both today. The pair also tell us about Bourdin – what it was like to meet the man himself and exactly what it is about Bourdin that allowed for him to get away with such an audacious crime.

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