With racing reviews coming out of Toronto earlier in the year, we now get the UK trailer for The Imitation Game. Earlier this week, Charles Dance assured us that it would be a travesty if Benedict Cumberbatch doesnt receive an Oscar nomination in the role as Alan Turing.

The Imitation Game is based on the book by Andrew Hidges with a screenplay from Graham Moore and tells the story of and English mathematician and logician who helps to crack the Enigma code during World War II. As well as Cumberbatch and Dance, the movie stars Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong, Rory Kinnear, Charles Dance, Allen Leech and Matthew Beard.

It’s set for release November 14th and we cannot wait!

Check out the trailer below.

Charles Dance assures us Cumberbatch is worth for an Academy Award for The Imitation Game