Nicolas Cage - The CroodsThere is perhaps no bigger a personality in the realm of film acting than that of Mr. Nicolas Cage.  The iconic actor is back in the mainstream with Dreamworks Animation’s THE CROODS, and we were fortunate enough to sit down and talk shop with him.

Cage plays Grug, the patriarch of the Crood family who rejects new and different elements out of fear that they could bring death to his loved ones.  That all changes when a seismic event forces him to lead his family into a strange and unfamiliar environment.

Cage discusses his character and working with the filmmakers to bring the story to life.  He also talks about returning to comedic roles and which comic book characters he may be interested in playing sometime in the future.  (His answer may or may not surprise you.)

THE CROODS opens March 22nd in UK cinemas.  Be sure to check back for all of our coverage of the film. We’ve also got interviews coming up with Emma Stone, Ryan Renolds and The Croods Directors so keep your eyes peeled for those and click here to see all our coverage.