Ken Jeong’s been around for longer than I would have guessed, cropping up here and there in small roles mostly in TV shows. Then two years ago, he made quite an impression in The Hangover as Mr. Chow, enough to assure his return for the sequel this year, and to secure him quite a few other parts across both film and TV.

The Playlist are reporting that Jeong is now going to be taking the leading role in the upcoming comedy, The Chung Factor, which is to be his first real chance to head up a movie of his own.

Lionsgate have picked up the script from Andy Selsor, originally titled The Ex-Factor, which made it onto Hollywood’s Black List back in 2005, so there’s hope that despite the pretty terrible title – you really don’t need to overdo the stereotype that much – it should have potential. Jeong will star as,

“a relationship coach opposite a guy who leads a loveless life. When this lovelorn individual meets the girl of his dreams, he discovers his recently hired relationship advisor (Jeong) is actually the ex-boyfriend of the girl, and is intent on ruining his relationship in the worst ways.”

No news yet on a director or the rest of the cast, but Lionsgate will no doubt want to move forward with this fairly quickly. More news as we get it.