Before he dabbled with Source Code for his latest project Duncan Jones directed a sublime sci-fi movie Moon, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

The film’s existential themes and measured narrative pacing in no way lend themselves to a money spinning video game conversion for the XBox 360 or PS3, which makes this imagined adaptation all the more perfect.

If you grew up near a computer in the late eighties and early nineties you’ll probably be familiar with LucasArts’ graphical adventure, with Loom, The Dig and the first two Monkey Island games being the prime examples. Now a PC gamer, animator and graphic artist has taken Moon and imagined would it have looked like if it was given the LucasArts treatment.

The ever excellent Man Made Movies blog did the hard work and found this on Mads Johansen’s blog, and I share his excitement for this never to be seen project. Regulars at LucasArts’ SCUMM bar will instantly recognise the VGA graphics and Point and Click mechanics and if you’ve never played Ron Gilbert’s marvelous The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel, but do own one of those fancy smartphones, then updated versions of the games are available and are just as much fun today.

Of course, there was a Point and Click PC adventure game released in 1997 based on and in the world of Blade Runner and Jones has often talked of his fondness for Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi as well as the shadow of Blade Runner looming over his comic book project Mute, so there is a strange symbiosis here. Basically what I’m saying is can someone please make this game?

Here’s the picture, and head on over to the Man Made Movies blogpost to indulge your geekery further as Jones and Ron Gilbert tweet each other.

I mean – could you leave this box sitting on the shelf?

No. Me neither. Someone, please make this happen.