This is a no-brainer (excuse the pun) if ever there was one. Master of horror Stephen King has confirmed that’s he’s in talks to write an episode of the TV adaptation of famed zombie graphic novel series, The Walking Dead.

In a welcome display of industry back-scratching, King’s possible involvement stems from his relationship with series executive producer Frank Darabont, a man who has previously brought three King stories to the big screen. The Shawshank Redemption director has apparently “expressed enthusiastic interest” in King lending his considerable talents to the second season or possibly the third one.

If this all goes according to plan, King’s son Joe (who writes under the surname of Hill) would co-write an episode with his daddy. King Jr. is himself a successful fantasy writer (with an adaptation of his own graphic novel, Locke & Key, heading towards production) and this would be a fun opportunity for father and son to collaborate.

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