Great news for fans of 80’s horror movies, the classic 1987 film by Tibor Takacs starring a very young Stephen Dorff called ‘The Gate’ is closer to getting a 3D remake with the most excellent Alex Winter in the directors chair.

Those that don’t know of the film, it’s about three young kids you find a hole in their garden and accidentally open a gateway to the domain of demonic “Old Gods” who once ruled the universe. The kids were terrorised by small little demons (animated by excellent stop motion) a huge demon god and also by one of the scariest movie creations (from my childhood) in the myth come true ‘The Workman’, it was a brilliant, scary and mostly forgotten movie from the 80’s. Check out trailer below.

Alex Winter gave an interesting interview to, found here, about the remake and makes some nice points about 3D use and horror films as well as sharing some nice storyboards for the film which appears to be staying close to the original movie that looks set to begin filming sometime this year and having a release date for Autumn 2011.

The film was classic 80’s horror and was also one of the first horror movies me and Jon watched together many years ago that still holds strong memories. We will definitely be looking forward to it, what are your thoughts?