Star Wars Day is upon us. May the 4th has now become an internationally recognised celebration of all things Star Wars, and today one of the biggest franchises in the world is at a turning point. The Skywalker Saga is over (for now), the advent of Disney+ has brought with it the very first live action Star Wars TV series, and the much-feted animated series The Clone Wars broadcasts its final episode today. It feels like an ending to the first chapter of Disney-owned Star Wars.

With mixed reactions to the last three Star Wars cinematic outings, areas of the rabid fanbase mired in toxicity, and an unenviable legacy of promised films and trilogies disintergrated before our very eyes, the future is very much unclear. Impossible to see, as Yoda would say.

In this special Mouth Off David Sztyupljak, Scott Davis and Jon Lyus discuss the future of Star Wars, how Disney+’s Star Wars TV series (The Mandalorian, Kenobi) have affected that future, and how did the toxic fan reaction to The Last Jedi, and the lacklustre audience response to The Rise of Skywalker may have altered the course of Star Wars forever.

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