Following the first image from Universal Pictures’ The Bourne Legacy, Argentinian website Cine 1 have released the first poster from the film which will hit UK cinemas 17th August.

The poster is pretty plain and simple but it’s nice to see the marketing materials for the movie coming out. The only problem that we have is that it isn’t directed by Paul Greengrass and doesn’t star Matt Damon.That said, as I said when the first image came out, maybe this will be a good spin-off in it’s own right and I have faith that it’ll be good! Please let it be good! We are warned to ‘prepare for the unexpected’ so that’s what I plan to do!

Instead we see Jeremy Renner in the lead role as a new character Aaron Cross with director Tony Gilroy at the helm. The movie also stars Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Albert Finney, Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, and Stacy Keach.

Click the poster to make it grow very BIG!

Source: Cine 1 via CBM

  • Anonymous

    hmmm not convinced, bourne isn’t bourne without mat damon

  • This, in fairness, doesn’t look too official, are we sure it’s not a fan-made?!

  • The source was Cine1 which is a reputable Argentinian website so we’re pretty sure it’s legit. We’ll do some digging to check.

  • X_tian81

    The poster is indeed official and looks exactly the same (except for the tagline) as this one, which was presented at the Licensing International Expo last june: