Entertainment weekly have posted the first image from the new movie starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman called Tresspass. According to EW:

Kidman and Cage play a wealthy couple whose lakefront dream house is the target of a break-in in Trespass

According to the site, the movie is currently filming in Shreveport, LA and legendary director, Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys, 8MM, Falling Down, Phone Booth) gives them a little more info:

”There are cross-connections between the family and the [criminals], and many secrets come out”

Schumacher then goes onto describe why he had to dissuade Cage (who he worked with on 8MM) from playing the bad guy.

”I know Nic would have been brilliant as the bad guy, but I wanted him to play the hero. It went back and forth and finally ended up where it should be.”

Tresspass should be with us some time in 2011.